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Orange Bud Seeds – 10 SEEDS


minimum order 30 seeds


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Buy Orange Bud Seeds,Orange Bud is an exceptional strain to grow in all grow media and it is easy to grow even for beginners. It became popular in the 1980s and 1990s winning plaudits from critics and customers alike in the process.


The Golden Hour is here –
Come ride and grow your own with Orange Bud Seeds and experience quality you can tell the difference. Orange Bud Seeds has highest quality seeds to give you the smoothest puff on the market and on your farm

Shine your brightest all day long and stay on top of the game of life with Orange Bud Seeds Pure, brilliant and full-flavored Seeds create and excel inside that daily grind.
For those seeking the full body, relaxing experience, simply choose soothe the soul and melt away aches and pains associated with that daily grind grow and smoke Orange Bud.
Adventure awaits with superior Hybrid blends targeted to deliver the perfect balance that’s best of both worlds.

Brand:Orange Bud Seeds
Type: seeds
Warranty: 1 Year
Sesh Mode: No
Activation: Draw activated